(pronounced Uh-yo-ba) is a uniquely South African term to express amazement and delight.

Ayoba Flowers Focus On The South African Floral Heritage

The Fynbos of South Africa is unique and has the richest biodiversity in the world.South African cutflowers have made a substantial contribution to the world trade of floriculture and continue to do so. Fynbos is now grown globally in more than 10 countries. The Ayoba® brand registered to the breeding company Future Fynbos ensures that South Africa benefits from this valuable resource through managing products which are protected by licence agreements and Plant Breeders Rights.

Ayoba Flowers Have An Extended Season

Licenced growers are carefully selected in different growing regions in order to extend the season of availability. This is done through our network of producers in different production locations in South Africa and Internationally.

Ayoba Flowers Are Quality Flowers

Our nineteen licenced growers are dedicated and experienced to grow the best quality flowers. The Ayoba® brand relies on a quality product being packed into every box. Quality standards are set and communicated to growers and agents.