The Spirit

To understand the essence of the word "Ayoba", involves understanding the enthusiasm and strength behind the definition of ‘Ayoba’ which can be translated as "The Spirit of Awesomeness."

It is a South African slang word expressing amazement and delight. Words like ‘Awesome, Amazing, Phenomenal, Delightful and Awe-Inspiring’ are just a few that convey the richness and essence of the word ‘Ayoba’ to South African citizens.

Our Story

Ayoba® is the product trademark of Future Fynbos Pty (Ltd). As a company, we pride ourselves in exploring and protecting the South African indigenous floriculture. Growth of an industry is dependent on the release of new commercial varieties. Proteas and Fynbos have a long history of amazing people with their variety of colours, shapes and characteristics. The Fynbos industry has grown into a thriving and successful industry world-wide. Ayoba flowers strives to bring the best quality, new products to the market inspiring amazement and delight. As a challenging crop it is important that commercial cutflower growers work together. Cutflower growers also work with the breeder to test the potential of new varieties. Scientific knowledge is shared in order to optimise all aspects of the growing of products as well as post-harvest aspects. We are consistently researching innovations to better our products so that only quality flowers reach the final consumer.

Floral Heritage

Ayoba Flowers focus on the South African Floral Heritage. Southern Africa boasts with over 9 000 Fynbos species, 6 200 endemic to the Cape Floristic Region. This incredible diversity in flora has supported a strong drive towards commercial indigenous floriculture. With one of the richest biodiversities in the world, South African cutflowers have made a substantial contribution to the world trade of floriculture and continue to do so. Fynbos is now grown globally in more than ten countries. The Ayoba® brand registered to the breeding company Future Fynbos ensures that South Africa benefits from this valuable resource through managing products which are protected by licence agreements and Plant Breeders Rights.

Licensed Growers

Licenced growers are carefully selected in different growing regions in order to extend the season of availability. This is done through our network of producers in different production locations in South Africa and Internationally. Our nineteen licenced growers are dedicated and experienced to grow the best quality flowers. The Ayoba® brand relies on a quality product being packed into every box. Quality standards are set and communicated to growers and agents.

Future Fynbos

Future Fynbos is a breeding company specialising in the development of a unique range of new and improved varieties of Fynbos products. These varieties enhance the competitiveness of the South African and global fynbos industry and add value to production on the farms of growers who plant them. The company commercialises these varieties, both locally in South Africa and globally under the Ayoba® Trademark.