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South Africa’s Blooms: A Triumph at the Chelsea Flower Show

London, United Kingdom (21 May 2024) — South Africa’s vibrant flora made a triumphant return to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London, earning a prestigious gold medal and bringing a much-needed burst of positive news and national pride. This victory, led by the acclaimed horticulturist and floral artist Leon Kluge, marks a celebrated comeback […]

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Future Fynbos celebrates 20th anniversary with new pink Leucospermum

Future Fynbos, a breeding company based in South Africa is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and what better way to celebrate it than with a new colour?! In this article more about Leucospermum, the export figures of this genus, the Ayoba® brand, the newly released Leucospermum colour, and what Future Fynbos has in the […]

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2022 IPA Symposium: Young Minds Award

Future Fynbos would like to congratulate Naomi Hattingh on her recent achievement winning the ISHS Young Minds Award at the XIV International Protea Research Symposium held during March 2022. ABOUT THE AWARD During each International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) Symposium two Young Mind Awards for junior scientists will be given: one award for the best oral presentation given by a junior […]

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Future Fynbos Afloat

Post Harvest Innovation Fund Sea Freight Trial in conjunction with Stellenbosch University Distant markets such as the South African cut flower industry are subject to a myriad of obstacles when tasked with the export of goods. Air freight provides the fastest route to international markets, however, debilitating air freight costs, prioritization of other cargo and […]

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A pandemic, frosts, and dropped prices, but South African protea sales picking up

Future Fynbos on growing Protea after a challenging year Last year after the start of the Covid pandemic there was much uncertainty as to how the South African 2020 Proteaceae season would unfold.  The white cynaroides ‘Arctic Ice, managed by Future Fynbos under the Ayoba® brand took a knock during its first peak in April/May […]

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South African protea growers hit hard, but hopeful for next season

Impact of COVID-19 on National flower of South Africa Protea cynaroides, the National flower of South Africa comes in many colours and sizes.   The demand for these and other Proteaceae has been increasing for several years now, but due to COVID-19, sales have come to a standstill. For the white cynaroides ‘Arctic Ice’, for example, […]

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Flowers overload at the IFTF and Dutch Auctions 2019

As the world’s largest floriculture crop roses of course dominate the IFTF. In 2019 however, the South African Fynbos was beautifully showcased at a few stands and stood out as something uniquely different. Coloriginz had an outstanding stand. Other stands showcasing Proteaceae were AFG together with Flora United Portugal, Afrex, Morgan Cargo as well as […]

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Future Fynbos becomes a member of CIOPORA

Breeding and selecting new plant varieties is much like playing the game of mastermind. Wrong colour wrong shape or right colour wrong shape! In this ‘game’ you need to have a lot of patience as instead of hours it takes years. As a small private breeding company protection of new varieties through various intellectual property […]

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Ayoba products excel season 2018/2019

Future Fynbos Ayoba® products reached good volumes in the 2018/2019 season with several products listed on the recent Cape Flora statistics Nov 2019. New products do not all reach commercial volumes and there is a long wait from developing a new product to it becoming available in commercial volumes. Ayoba® Jade Pearl maintained its position […]