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Future Fynbos becomes a member of CIOPORA

Breeding and selecting new plant varieties is much like playing the game of mastermind.

Wrong colour wrong shape or right colour wrong shape!

In this ‘game’ you need to have a lot of patience as instead of hours it takes years.

As a small private breeding company protection of new varieties through various intellectual property mechanisms is very important.  In order for breeding companies to get a return on their investment and remain financially sustainable it is important that their new products are protected. New Fynbos varieties enhance the competitiveness of the South African and global Fynbos industries and add value to production on the farms of growers who plant them.

CIOPORA is the International Community of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Horticultural plants.

The association brings together plant breeders, national breeder associations, Intellectual Property experts and consultants from 27 countries, whose joint efforts are aimed at the development, improvement and harmonization of national and international systems of Plant Variety Protection (PVP).

Future Fynbos organised Farm visits for the international group attending the CIOPORA AGM which was held in Stellenbosch April 2019. This was part of the business excursion attended by breeders, lawyers, nurserymen and growers from several countries. Delegates were introduced to the indigenous Fynbos industry of South Africa with a presentation by Caroline O’Brien followed by a packshed visit at Morgenster and farm visit at Rainbowsend.

Delegates were encouraged to hear that Future Fynbos has several Plant Breeders Rights registered in South Africa and the European Union as well as having a trademark Ayoba® registered in South Africa, the European Union and the United States of America.