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Ayoba products excel season 2018/2019

Future Fynbos Ayoba® products reached good volumes in the 2018/2019 season with several products listed on the recent Cape Flora statistics Nov 2019.
New products do not all reach commercial volumes and there is a long wait from developing a new product to it becoming available in commercial volumes.

Ayoba® Jade Pearl maintained its position as number one cone product exported during the 2018/19 season (Cape Flora statistics November 2019). Whether in bouquets or wreaths, the striking cones add long lasting texture.  Future Fynbos is pleased with the reception of Ayoba® Jade Pearl this past season.

The industry pincushion figures showed a loss of 7% year on year for the season 2018/2019.  Ayoba® Pincushion statistics, however, show a positive trend for the same period. Ayoba® Sun achieved increased production of 76% from the previous season, claiming the title of third most exported pincushion from South Africa. Ayoba® Orange volumes exported were comparably lower, although attaining a remarkable increase of 85%.  The Ayoba® pincushions contributed 15% to the total Pincushion exports from South Africa in 2018/2019.

With 2020 season on the horizon we remain cautiously optimistic that the expected volumes will be sold at reasonable prices!